Mission /Vision / Values


We enable quality health care for all people, through diversified and innovative contributions to the global health care industry.


JPM will be a recognized innovative and creative provider of diversified quality health care products and solutions with effective presence in developing markets;

  • through efficient and focused industrial operations, JPM will provide affordable quality pharmaceutical, natural and diagnostic products, as well as their starting materials 
  • through innovation and entrepreneurship, JPM will enrich and add value to its activities by developing and commercializing innovative health care technologies, and by implementing entrepreneurial business modules  


JPM believes in and holds the following values at the core of its business ethics:

  • We embody quality
  • We believe in creativity and innovation 
  • We are entrepreneurial and we nurture self confidence 
  • We are passionately loyal to improving healthcare in developing communities 
  • We advocate and support education in the communities where we operate, and we see it as the basis for societal development  
  • We practice equality 
  • We conduct ourselves with transparency and integrity, always and everywhere

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