Innovation Model

Innovation Model

JPM has adopted a modern business model to capitalize on its innovation outcomes by maximizing the potential for commercial success while reducing the risk and financial exposure to a minimum.

The innovative research of JPM takes place in an isolated facility, minimizing interaction with core operations. This serves to maintain the focus of both manufacturing operations and research.

While engaging in directed research towards a specific strategic area of interest, an emerging technology platform will be assigned a very small team of dedicated researchers, often with post graduate studentship support.

Once this technology platform reaches a critical mass, it is spun-out of JPM as a small capital technology startup with independent financials and resources. While this further enhances the focus and motivation of researchers, the new startup remains incubated within JPM facilities, sharing non-essential resources with the parent organization and other JPM spin-outs.

Eventually, this spin-out will mature and seek to provide a return on JPM’s investment by commercializing the technology platform it has developed. In the past, this return on investment has come in various ways including sale or licensing of technologies, divestment, generation of revenue from diversified operations, and leveraged IP in mergers.

All in all, JPM remains in a strong positive position when it comes to the generation of profits from innovation and research activities.