Gain Markets through JPM

Over the past three decades, JPM has successfully established a dynamic presence over a large and fragmented market base in the MENA region, Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. This achievement was built with integrity as well as the ability to secure marketing authorization from regulators across borders and in diverse cultures. Equally significant is the success achieved by JPM in securing an active distribution channel in each market.

Such an achievement is difficult to follow in the fragmented core markets of JPM and provides a ready infrastructure, capable of introducing any new JPM product into a large number of markets in a relatively short length of time.

As such, an increasing number of medium to large pharmaceutical manufacturers are seeking to license their technologies to JPM, thus gaining from the company’s extensive regulatory expertise as well as market penetration capabilities.

JPM is an open minded organization and is willing to explore any win-win scenario.

For more information on JPM’s in-licensing activities and particular areas of interest, please contact our Licensing Directorate.