Novel Technology Platforms

Following are some of the technology platforms that are at a mature stage of development and approaching commercialization:

Oral Protein Delivery
JPM has developed a technology platform for an oral liquid delivery system for protein drugs. This patented system has already been successfully applied to insulin in five separate clinical trials on 50 volunteers with excellent results.

First Pass Drug Metabolism Shutdown
JPM has invented a technology platform that would effectively shut-down certain drug metabolism pathways in the liver. Pre-clinical results have shown that this technology can lower the required therapeutic does, while having an impact on safety profiles.

Universal Excipient
JPM has developed a new generation of multifunctional excipient that would enable almost any active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be manufactured into tablets by direct compression, thus saving over 70% of manufacturing time and energy requirement. This patented excipient is suitable for use with the modern high-speed automated machinery, and could be added in the final formula in as little as 5%. This technology is being developed within the Suwagh subsidiary.

Advanced Liquid Drug Delivery
This group of technologies was successfully employed to develop taste-masked and sustained-action syrups and suspensions from drugs such as Diclofenac.

New Molecular Entities
JPM holds intellectual property protecting a number of molecular libraries containing some promising lead molecules for various indications including erectile dysfunction and asthma. One of the novel molecules developed by JPM has been licensed out to a Swiss company to continue its development towards market approval.

Universal Controlled Release Formula
JPM has developed and patented a number of novel controlled release formulae that can turn virtually any active ingredient into a controlled-release tablet form. This platform has already been applied to over 20 drugs and will soon be spun-out into a subsidiary for commercialization under the name Nawel.

Ready for Compression Calcium Carbonate
JPM has developed a cost effective and non-energy-intensive technology for processing ultra-high purity native calcium carbonate into ready-for-compression granules. This technology is being developed within the Suwagh subsidiary, who are currently establishing a separate plant for this product, and who aim to become leading global supplier in pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate raw material.

New Generation Rapid Diagnostics
JPM has re-developed the LFD format rapid diagnostic test leading to an increased sensitivity by at least 500 folds. As a result, JPM has the technical capabilities to turn any laboratory based test of the ELIZA format into a rapid field test with minimal loss of sensitivity. JPM has successfully used this patented platform to develop the world’s first combined antigen/antibody test for the early detection of HIV from an unprocessed blood sample, and is currently developing the world’s first practical tuberculosis test. This technology was developed and products are being manufactured under JPM’s AraGen subsidiary.

Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Diagnostic Test
JPM has developed the world’s first rapid diagnostic test for cow pregnancy. This technology was developed under JPM’s AraGen subsidiary.

Standardized Herbal Extract
Under the Delass subsidiary, JPM has successfully developed a number of standardized herbal extracts for use in herbal medicines and supplements. These new products are now undergoing scale-up manufacturing and will be available for purchase in the future.

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