Cooperation with Academia

Over the years, JPM has cooperated with universities to develop its technology platforms in a large number of different projects. In all cases, the leadership and technology is provided by JPM. These projects are either held directly with academia as a service provided by universities to JPM, or are placed with post graduate students, who serve part or most of their studies with JPM’s research facilities. In all cases, the resulting IP is retained by JPM.

Over the years, over 20 post graduate students obtained their M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees while working on JPM research projects.

Following are some of the universities that JPM has cooperated with over the years:

  • Jordan University, Jordan
  • Petra University, Jordan
  • The Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Yarmouk University, Jordan
  • Zaitouna University, Jordan
  • Lancaster University, UK
  • Greenwich University, UK
  • Kings College London, UK
  • Durham University, UK
  • Hamburg University, Germany
  • Tripoli University, Libya
  • Aljazeera University, Sudan
  • Baghdad University, Iraq
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