The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company (JPM) is a strategy focused organization and its interests in innovation can be traced back to the early eighties of last century, when the corporate locally registered its first patent for a non-alcoholic Paracetamol syrup in 1986, long before Jordan joined World Trade Organization (WTO). Such experience later allowed JPM to cooperate with the Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (ACDIMA) in registering its first US patent in 1994.

In the years followed, JPM was able to register over 55 international patents in different fields of innovation within the healthcare industry including drug discovery, drug delivery, nanotechnology, diagnostics and biotechnology. A number of patents covering innovations in diagnostics, herbal medicine, novel excipients, and drug delivery systems have already been commercialized.

This distinctive approach of seeking innovative solutions is deeply rooted in JPM culture across all corporate functions with dedication and cooperation of different teams.

Further detailed information about the patent portfolio of JPM is available through the following link:



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