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JPM is an innovative manufacturing company operating in diversified sectors within the healthcare industry. It was established in 1978 as a brad-generic developer and producer and this remains the core operation of the company.

During the early years since establishment, the corporate adopted innovation as the major growth driver. As direct result of this innovation, operations were diversified outside the traditional generic pharmaceutical industry by spinning out mature technology platforms into subsidiaries with independent management and resources. JPM holds the regional benchmark in innovation with more than 70 patents. JPM operations span:

  • core branded generic pharmaceutical business
  • natural products through the Delass subsidiary
  • biotech diagnostics through the AraGen subsidiary
  • novel excipients and drug delivery systems through the Suwagh subsidiary

Social and environmental responsibilities feature highly in the corporate values. This responsibility transcends boarders and the corporate is now a recognized champion of South-South cooperation, providing knowhow and training to regulators and manufacturers around the world. JPM is the most prolific provider of technologies in the region boasting tens of licensing partnerships with manufacturers across the three continents:Asia, Africa and Europe 

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