Diagnostics Kits

Diagnostics Kits

AraGen Biotechnology Ltd. is a subsidiary of JPM specializing in biotechnology and engaged in the development and manufacture of proprietary diagnostic test kits.

AraGen develops and produces cutting edge clinical diagnostic products, covered by over 20 patents, including diagnostic kits for home and laboratory use. These products cover a wide range of health conditions including HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, heart disease, hepatitis, diabetes, pregnancy and cancer among many other home and lab use systems.

AraGen adheres to GMP and is ISO 9001 certified. AraGen has obtained the ISO 13485 certificate for medical device manufacturing and participated in the European Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD) Programs. Eligible AraGen products are CE marked.

AraGen is expanding its activities in Africa, joining global efforts to control the spread of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria by providing quality rapid diagnostic tests affordable to the local African population.

For more info please visit www.aragen.com.jo