Suwagh Excipients and Drug Delivery Systems Co

Suwagh Excipients and Drug Delivery Systems Ltd is the JPM subsidiary focusing on the development of proprietary, specialized drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical additives that improve drug delivery and improve the patient's quality of life.

Established in 2002, this strategic venture is part of a long-term vision of JPM to produce high value and high quality patented drug formulations for global markets. Suwagh is expected to become one of the most vital JPM operations, forcefully introducing JPM into the global market as a world player in pharmaceutical manufacturing and technology.

Suwagh has over 20 patents at various stages of approval; a number that is growing and will continue to grow rapidly in years to come.
Suwagh research programs have resulted in many novel products approaching commercialization, including:

  • Solid controlled release formulas - universal matrices ready for use by manufacturers
  • Liquid controlled release formulas including ready to use drug complexes
  • Oral drug delivery systems for poorly bio-available compounds
  • Oral drug delivery systems for proteins
  • Superdisintegrants and multifunctional  excipients 
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