Employee Benefits

At JPM you will find:
  • An enthusiastic team of highly skilled professional
  • Training tailored to your current needs, and the opportunity to advance your career
  • Compensation packages reward excellence in the individual and the team
  • The opportunity to work with global experts
  • An internal community that share ideas and contributes to the organizational development

All retained employees of JPM and its subsidiaries:

  • Basic salary conforming to an organization-wide transparent salary scale
  • Salaries are paid over 15 months per year
  • Comprehensive Medical insurance for the employees and their families including medical (inpatient and outpatient services as well as the cronic cases). Medical insurance includes Dental and Optical coverage
  • Social security is provided from day one of employment (Including the trial periods)
  • Transport or transport allowance is provided from day one of employment (including the trial period)
  • JPM provides one free meal daily for each employee including those on trial period
  • Mobile phone support (depends on job requirements)
  • Maternity leave program conforming to Jordanian labor law
  • Paid vacation time
  • 500 JD marriage grant for employees with over 3 years of JPM employment
  • 250 JD Hajj grant for a one time for employees with over 15 years of JPM employment
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