We believe in education as a primary pillar of communities’ sustainability and therefore we consider it a pillar of our sustainability strategy throughout the years.

JPM cooperates with local and international universities in research and development programs, a large number of scientists and university professors are engaged in different researches lead by JPM  
JPM supports and hosts many postgraduate student  researchers reading for their masters’ or doctorate programs at international universities including:
  • Greenwich University
  • UKLancaster University
  • UK.
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan.
  • Jordan University, Jordan.
  • The Hashemite (Al Hashimeah) University, Jordan

Supervision of Postgraduate Students

Ph.D. Degree

Thesis (M.Sc) Degree

Scholarships for the Employees

JPM is investing in the human capital by sponsoring the studying employees either totally or partially; the full sponsorship is done by providing the chance for Selected Employees to have a higher Education Level and pay all the expenses (Tuition) plus the time allowance while studying

Encourage the Staff to improve their own

(Partial Sponsoring of Education)

Another group of ambitious employees whom decided to go for higher education and pay for their own tuition, are encouraged by providing time allowance for lectures, exams and study time.

Logistic Support to the universities

Training of the undergraduate students

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